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We try to keep you posted on events in the world of fashion technology and press releases and (popular) publications of the Have a look at the by-wire.facebook as well, so hit the button at the right and LIKE us! won a Red Dot Award!!!!

Red Dot AwardWith our great client Bilihome B.V. and with the help of a wonderful designer at a prototyping facility in Drachten, we won the Red Dot Design Concept Award 2020. And this is not all! Our concept achieved the status Best of the Best, selected out of 4170 entries from 52 countries belonging to the best 42 concepts across the globe.

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DIS 2020 paper: Designing Towards Inward-Oriented Fashion Technology

5 inward oriented projects

Fashion technology designs typically combine sensing technology and actuators to register and respond to information about the environment and/or the human body. The ways in which designers use and integrate these data into garments, however, varies on a scale from highly theatrical and outward-oriented designs to subtle and inward-oriented applications.

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Museum de Kantfabriek Duo expo: Mop-Up 3 and Innovative Fashion and Smart Textile

from January 19 to March 15, 2020
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Our Book!!! Unfolding Fashion Tech: Pioneers of Bright Futures

Onomatopee 167, Marina Toeters /, 2019

Unfolding Fashion Tech: Pioneers of Bright Futures

Order now!!! €24 ex. shipping.  @Onomatopee  Or feel free to email me for inquiries.

Content: 50 Innovative Fashion Projects + 8 Short Articles by Daniëlle Bruggeman, Jan Mahy, Rens Tap, Ben Wubs, Loe Feijs, Koen van Os, Gail Kenning, Lianne Toussaint, Stephan Wensveen, Anke Jongejan, Pauline van Dongen and Oscar Tomico.
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catwalk, round table discussion and booth @Avantex

Want to learn more about Printed Electronics integrated in garments? Or about computational fashion? We presented our Cellular Automaton for Pied-de-poule (Houndstooth) project and our Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion project during Avantex in Paris. • design & research in fashion technology was invited to exhibit fashion technology with some of the Dutch key players in this field of innovation. They present disruptive solutions for sustainable electronic textiles and computational fashion know-how. A catwalk-show was happening in the afternoon of Tuesday February 12. As well as a round-table discussion in that same morning.
Movie of the complete catwalk show:

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Publication International Journal of Design

At the last day of 2018 we received the message that the paper of Loe Feijs and me is  published in the International Journal of Design!

We are super happy with this as it is a very recognized journal in the design field.
Here to be downloaded.
And here more info, a movie and pictures about this project.

D360 publishes about Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion

NRC article: Where is the smart underwear?

Fashion? Future design for the present @DDW18

Big fashion tech presentation @Campina area Eindhoven during DDW.

More info:

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Featured at

We are honoured to be added to ‘A growing [re]framework of minds to capture moods and movements in today’s world of fashion.’ See:

MIND FASHION’s aim is to stimulate connections, challenge conventions, and together provide a new vocabulary and refreshing multi-disciplinary lens to look at today’s fashion economy and to develop long-term engagement and a powerful voice towards solutions. Find here our specific post:
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ShapeTex paper presentation TEI2018 in Stockholm

We had the pleasure to present our paper about ShapeTex: Implementing Shape-Changing Structures in Fabric for Wearable Actuation at the Tangible, embedded, and Embodied Interaction conference March 2018. The paper is written by Jiachun Du, Panos Markopoulos, Qi Wang, Marina Toeters and Ting Gong. Download here the total paper:

Material Xperience 2018, Future of Fashion, March 13-15, Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands

The Future of Fashion is part of the leading event for creative professionals focused on material innovation: Material Xperience.
The curator of this exhibition, Marina Toeters works on the edge of fashion and technology. She selected the exhibited pioneers to inspire for more innovative fashion, with new materials, technologies and production methods.
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ShapeTex paper presentation @TEI2018, Stockholm

Is was a great pleasure to present the paper ShapeTex: Implementing Shape-Changing Structures in Fabric for Wearable Actuation

More info:

Dutch Design Week 2017

Also this year will be present at the Dutch Design Week from Okt. 21-29 in Eindhoven (NL). Here our expo locations and favorite spots to visit.
Download the interactive PDF file with links to more info >>
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ArcInTex Industry Meeting

Mid July Marina organized an industry meeting at the Eindhoven University of Technology as part of the ArcInTex summer school. 15 PhD’s and textile researchers from Europe came over to work tegether. One day the industry partners and some Industrial Design students were invited the share thoughts and research topics all related to textiles.
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Presentation at KAIST ID Korea

During a visit to Korea Marina had the opportunity to meet the faculty members of the prestigious KAIST ID institute and present her work. A deep discussion and first collaborative research attempts came at the table. Looking forward to the next steps!
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Publication eTNO Berichten

Wim Bergers wrote the lovely article (in Dutch) about applications of printed electronics. He interviewed Corné Rentrop @Holst Centre and Marina Toeters for this. Download here the total pdf file >>
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June 10 Futur en Seine festival in Paris!

The future is something to celebrate! Honoured to speak at this prestigious event in Paris to talk about Fashion Technology. Saturday June 10, 15.45 o’clock. More info: Feel welcome!
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Health Meets Fashion Event

170523 Ucreate
On may 23 Marina will be panalist in the health meets fashion event of Ucreate. Register and come to this event in Utrecht!

fashion tech @Electronics & Applications, Jaarbeurs Utrecht

30/31 May & June 1 will present the Smart Shirt made together with Holst Centre in the Start Up corner. Find us at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.
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Tech & Fashion workshop @IOTRotterdam

During IOT Rotterdam (April 10, 2017) Marina Toeters gave a workshop Tech & Fashion. 10 participants followed the hands on workshop about how to integrate technology in fashion. We started by making a soft circuit with a LED and a push button. Than we ideated to develop fashion tech concepts that we would like to see in the world. We prototyped these concepts in pieces on textiles and placed them on the body.
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Lopec 2017 promo

Four innovative garments made by and Holst Centre are featured in the Lopec 2017 movie about Printed Electronics. After 15 seconds the light jacket is shown. After 31 seconds you will find 3 generations of Smart Shirts. Here more info about shirt 1, shirt 2 and shirt 3.
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Smart Shirt @MedTech Stuttgart

Thanks to Holst Centre this Smart Shirt is presented at MedTech in Stuttgart (7-4-2017) Inside out to show the advanced printed electronics. Learn here more about this Smart Shirt >>
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Wear It Berlin June 8&9 2017

June 8 and 9 Wear It Berlin presents their third edition of the Wear It Festival at Kulturbrauerei in the heart of Berlin.
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Fashion technology presented @ Tetem Enschede

1_Internet-of-Women-Things-foto-Christina-Bakuchava-18Marina Toeters from shows innovative clothing that offers practical or social solutions at Tetem in Enschede. More info about this exhibition at the Internet of Woman Things expo by Viola Virus >>
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FashNerd visit

170223 FashNerdThanks Muchaneta and Mano [] for this lovely read about Marina Toeters and! Here the complete article:
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Featured by the Internet of Woman Things!

170124 IoWT fashion tech by-wire

Depending featured by the Internet of Woman Things! >>  Thanks Viola Virus!

CSR trend report 2017

170122 MVO trendraport

Honoured to be involved in the development of the CSR Trend Report 2017. Read all about it (in Dutch) via this link >>

NazcAlpaca in Sustainable Wearables

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Solar Fiber items in Brisbane Australia


Undress Runways showcases ethical and environment-friendly fashion. And paint a vision for the future. Oktober 8, 2016 Undress Runways opened the eyes to the world of ethical collections, wearable technology, zero-waste design, smart textiles and couture made from recycled off-cuts.

Solar Fiber had the pleasure to be invited for this outstanding event with the knitted shirt of JSSSJS and the Solar Fiber jacket.
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DDW16: fashion, tech and textile spots

161013-ddw-events Download the interactive pdf here: 161013-ddw-events

• click in the pdf on the pictures for event pages
• more ‘must see’ tips to add? or more info needed? email or check

Have fun during DDW16!!!
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International Symposium on Wearable Technologies (ISWC’16)


Download our paper in the ACM Digital Library [search for Marina Toeters]
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Printed Electronics event: September 28, Den Bosch NL

More info:

Featured in LEVEN

Download here the pdf >>> [in Dutch]
Thanks to: Annette van Herk, Leven Magazine. Text: Anneke Gilsing. Photo’s: Marike van Pagée
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Leonardo publication • Design of Drapely-o-lightment

Download this article here @MIT press >>

Adafruit featured Pied de Pulse on Wearable Wednesday

160822 Pied de Pulse Adafruit
Thanks @Adafruit for this great article!

Podcast on Electric Runway

Thanks Amanda Cosco for this wonderful podcast >>!
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Bridges Finland 2016: August 9-13, 2016

It starts to become a tradition: every year a new work presented at The Bridges Conference. This year Professor Loe Feijs and Marina Toeters present Pied de Pulse. Find here more info about Bridges >>
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Featured in WSA sport materials

Gold Light Jacket • Holst Centre and 4D Dynamic Knit Sleep Cap • Jesse Asjes are featured in WSA sport materials. Sophie Bramel wrote this about Marina in her article E-textiles, smarter by the day: “For Dutch fashion tech designer Marina Toeters, technology is not the problem. “We have the supplies, the conductive yarns, the miniaturised electronics. What we need is to make a simple product that is relevant and subtle. A garment is a very intimate, personal item. Accepting a new function can be a long, delicate process.” This she says, is the space the market is in now. The designer has been working with smart textiles for several years.”
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Kristi Kuusk: Smart Textiles for Wellbeing

Thanks Kristi Kuusk for this lovely article about Smart textiles for wellbeing! The Sustainable and supportive garments for nurses project is featured.
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Featured in the Holst Centre yearbook 2015

A few of the projects made for holst are published in the yearbook. Exiting detail: the book gives light, just as the featured garment! read more

Marina presents in Brazil [May 2016]

Marina presented her work @festival Path in Sao Paulo. And LAJE gallery and FIRJAN – fashion seminar in Rio de Janeiro. Find here more info about Path >> Read more to see pictures and all the links to the Brazilian press.
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Presenting fashion tech @IETM

Marina had the chance to present at the yearly conference of IETM. IETM is a network of over 500 performing arts organisations and individual members working in the contemporary performing arts worldwide. We inspired performance artists about wearables: great indepth discussions!!! read more

Japaneese Press!!!

How cool: Marina and featured at a Japaneese website!!!

Smart Textiles event in Barcelona, organized by the Dutch Embassy in Spain

Smart services, smart production, smart textiles: An expert meeting to exchange ideas and results in the field of smart textiles. Marina had the change to present her work and debate with the Spanish textile industry about how to approach innovation. Thanks Oscar Tomico (Euretcat / TU/e), Christel Coolen (Dutch Embassy) and many others for organizing this inspiring event!
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Marina in the Australian ELLE

Download here the pdf file thanks you and wishes you all the best for 2016!!!

The end of the year​: a good moment to reflect on all activities and celebrate the successes with you. I appreciate if you share your successes with me as well! Here some Fashion Technology highlights of 2015!
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Fractal Art Fashion with Professor Loe Feijs

Fractal Art Fashion Loe Feijs Marina Toeters by-wireFor the first time, during DDW15 we show the 4 iterations fashion pieces of Fractal Art Fashion together. in cooperation with TU/e Industrial Design, Loe Feijs (TU/e). Designing new patterns and garments using recursive algorithms. The tools used for the algorithmic design are  mathematics, in particular tessellation theory (like Escher) and iterated function systems (to make fractals). The garments are realized using laser cutting, laser engraving (at TU/e) and a collection of other techniques such as stitching and welding in the studio of Three fashion items were shown in Seoul and Baltimore and are now shown in Eindhoven for the first time. On the floor are the 24 pages of four mathematics papers published by the Bridges conference 2012-2015 and written by Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters and Jun Hu. Download here all papers!

4th dimension – Dynamic Knit with Jesse Asjes

Installation by Jesse Asjes, Providence USA, Marina Toeters and Rowan Verbraak,, Utrecht NL. Creating shape and volume by draping from knitted cloth informed and jsssjs to create a 4th dimension – dynamic knit. This wearable prototype has a volume that shape shifts and is tailored by local manufacturing.
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Marina Toeters @RTL Boulevard

Friday the 16th of October 2015 Marina Toeters • had the opportunity to reach out to a greater public and talk about fashion technology via RTL Boulevard. Have a look here! Special thanks to: Holst Centre for making this possible.
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DDW 2015: Fashion Technology route!!! NazcAlpaca, One Wash, Zishi Posture Sensing, and more….

Visit during Dutch Design Week: 17-25 October 2015, Eindhoven, The Netherlands! There will be several collaborative by-wire.projects on show. Like Zishi, NazcAlpaca, One Wash, Ting Gong‘s graduation work, 4th dimension – Dynamic Knit with Jesse Asjes and Fractal Art Fashion with Loe Feijs. Here an overview and route suggestion. Download this route as PDF-file >>

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kM publication: Mode die voor ons zorgt

Thanks Monika Auch for the lovely publication about Zorgzame Bedrijfskleding and the Philips Blue Touch!
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kM publication: Wearables zijn hot

Thanks Monika Auch for the lovely publication about 5 prototypes of the CRISP smart textile services project!
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Zorgzame Bedrijfskleding @Dutch Technology Week Eindhoven


Tech Meets Design: Innovation Exchange: More information here>

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Smart Fashion @ Electronics & Automation fair

Marina presenting at the Wearable Electronics / Smart Fashion Seminar part of Electronics & Automation fair @Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Photo: Oscar Tomico

CRISP @Open Lucht Hotel, Leiden

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Drapely in Leonardo!!! [and Triangled Coat on the cover]

Finally the publication is out!!! Loe Feijs and Marina Toeters have an publication in today’s leading journal on contemporary for the art, science and technology: LEONARDO!!! Besides that our article is accepted: Triangled Coat, a work out of 2007, is shining on the cover!
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Spine Dress @Textiel Festival Leiden

Presenting (and explaining) the comfortable feeling of Spine Dress.
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CRISP Smart Textile Service expo @TextielMuseum

So lovely to see all the work coming together: Here the CRISP Smart Textiles, Wearable Services exhibition in TextielMusuem Tilburg. This was on show till February 2015.
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Zorgzame Bedrijfskleding in Trouw (Dutch newspaper)


Crisp – Smart Textile Services expo @Heim Textil

CRISP Smart Textile Services had the opportunity to present at HeimTextil in the Messe Frankfurt. More info: crisp – smart textile services. Marina helped with to make the samples.
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Lovely 2015!

lovely 2015 • 2014
London, Sofia Bulgaria, Japan, RI USA, Umeå Sweden, Liverpool, Ghent

Thanks Anke, Antoine, Anton, Beam, Daisy, Ellen, Erik, Esther, Floor, Ger, Gert, Han, Hans, Helene, Henk, Huub, Iris, Janny, Jenny, Jesse, Judith, Koen, Laura, Lilian, Loe, Maarten, Matthijs, Marloes, Melissa, Michiel, Murielle, Nicole, Oma, Omar, Oscar, Pauline, Pierie, Ralf, Robert, Samira, Sander, Sarien, Stephan, Stoffel, Tessa, Tineke, Wim, students @HKU, Saxion, TU/eindhoven, ETT, Umeå, ABWxD and many many many more for this wonderful year!

Keynote speaker @SIA-congres 2014

Marina is honoured to share her experiences as creative professional and freelance educator at 3 different institutes during the event of universities of applied science in the Netherlands. Thursday the 27th of November 2014 in Den Haag.

De Kledingbibliotheek will select Marina’s outfit for this event. Thank you girls!
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Liverpool and Ghent

Group photo lr
141124 Marina en Loe

Busy week for the international office: Sunday till Tuesday in Liverpool (UK) discussing the Economic Value of the Creative Industry at the Apeldoorn conference. Thursday and Friday in Ghent presenting a paper together with Professor Loe Feijs about Actuating Movement in Refined Wearables at the Global Fashion Conference (BE).
Lovely inspirational events to discuss the relevance of fashion technology and meet a lot of new people!

2014 ABN-AMRO publication Smart Fashion

141026 ABNAMRO

141026 ABNAMRO1

Download the total ‘SMART Future’ publication (in Dutch).

2014 Designing a Country publication

141017 Designing a country2 141017 Designing a country3

Societies the world over are facing enormous challenges today.
The economic crisis has left its mark on them. Their populations are ageing; and the fossil fuels on which they run are becoming scarcer.
Population growth has put pressure on the quality of life, infrastructure and environmental quality of cities worldwide. But there is good news too.
The Netherlands is actively helping to face these global challenges.

This booklet shows some examples how The Netherlands reacts on this via their creative industry. fills 6 pages totally in the end of the booklet. Download the publication.

141017 Designing a country1

Night of the Nerds full of fashion-tech!

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-22 om 15.41.15 is MVO partner is a fresh MVO partner! Currently we are working with them on a collaborative development towards a more supportive and sustainable work wear collection for care givers.

Wonderful 2014!!!

Solar Fiber featured in China

More info about Solar Fiber> or about this article:

Drapely-O-Lightment in Designhuis Eindhoven

HetNieuweInstituut2013DeDezondeMens54s HetNieuweInstituut2013DeDezondeMens49s HetNieuweInstituut2013DeDezondeMens13s
Tip: Visit this expo during Dutch Design Week 2013 in Eindhoven! More info:
Pictures: Lizzy Kalisvaart for The New Institute.

2013 Research through design: a way to drive innovative solutions in the field of smart textiles

Paper by Marina Toeters, Martijn ten Bhömer, Eliza Bottenberg, Oscar Tomico, Ger Brinks. Saxion University of applied science Enschede (Saxion), Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e), The Netherlands

Abstract Research through design allows creating a dialogue with the material. It uses making and reflection on action as a generator of knowledge. Our aim is to explore the opportunities and challenges of smart textiles. The Fablab is our set up, a place that allows us to combine the hackingscientific-, and design community. It stimulates collaboration and the knowledge exchange needed for the development of smart textile systems. A collaborative prototyping workshop for medical
products combined two worlds. The textile world in Saxion aims at incorporating conductive materials into textile structures and functional- / 3D printing to create systems for applications such as flexible heating systems and wearable technology. We combined this with the world of Industrial Design at TU/e, focused on the design of intelligent products, systems and services by the research through design approach. The collaboration between these different disciplines accelerated the process by reducing the resistance to the new and skipped the frustration on failure. Download the complete paper here.

fPDP selected for the international conference on culture and computing, Kyoto, Japan: Creative Programming and Generative Arts: Pied de Poule

fPDP_Kyoto2 fPDP_Kyoto
Marina Toeters at loves to expand innovative fashion by sharing knowledge and Feijs loves making contributions to the field of creative programming and apply them. The proposed artwork, combines culture, mathematics, fashion, computing, and innovative material processing. More info >>

TEDxBrainport: Let’s not waste the power of fashion

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Marina @Smart Fabrics 2013 Barcelona, Spain!

Reed more about this conference.

Or read an interview with Marina Toeters on smart fabrics trends, innovation, and what she’s looking forward to most at Smart Fabrics Europe.

Interactive fashion article in the VPRO Gids

Read here the complete article (in Dutch).

Saxion Living Technology – Marina Toeters

Crossover Works #1 Highlight 02 more than fashion

artikel bnoIMG_2054An interview and photoshoot in the studio of  page 34-39. Download the total booklet.
Or reed more about the booklet initiative:

Amsterdam Fashion Week: pop-up catwalk

Marina Toeters was invited to show two looks during the opening weekend of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Together with Professor Loe Feijs she showed the Drapely-o-lightment and a few OLED accessoires. Together with team Solar Fiber she showed the Cell Jacket and a Solar Fiber dress from Meg Grant.
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2012 Analysis of parallel collaboration assignments in smart textile design

Marina Toeters and Ger Brinks from the Saxion Lectoraat Smart Functional Materials presented this paper during the ‘Onderzoek voor een vitale regio’ congress 2012.
Abstract To investigate the different kinds of expertise necessary for the development of Smart Textile Services we initiated an assignment to develop new Smart Textile Services concepts for elderly that can be used during rehabilitation (ten Bhömer, et all 2012) and executed this project in 2 different institutes: Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Eindhoven University of Technology.

The blue dots are the activities. Horizontal is the timeline from the -left- beginning till the end of the process. The 6 competences are placed on the vertical line:
1. User Focus & Perspective: Getting to know their user.
2. Ideas & Concepts: Creating ideas and transform them into concepts.
3. Social & Cultural Awareness: Reflect on context and existing products.
4. Form & Senses: Design explorations for the actual products.
5. Integrating Technology: Research, develop and implement (existing) technology.
6. Business: Find out how to create a valuable business with the project.
Download the full paper.

Presenting a poster for STS-CRISP @Cimtec conference Italy

Cimtec conference “Smart Materials, Structures and Systems” in Montecatini Terme, on June 10 to 14, 2012. Eliza Botterberg (Saxion, Smart Functional Materials) and Marina Toeters had the pleasure to attend this conference. Download the Cimtec Book of Abstracts

Carried out as part of the project “Smart Textile Services” sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs under the CRISP program.
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Interview Harvest energy with your coat

Today (6-6-2012) page 18-19 in the Interview!!! Wek ook eens energie op met je jas.
Download in PDF: Interview Marina Toeters
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€5000 price for the best idea: solar fiber

Team Solar Fiber: Ralf Jacobs, Meg Grant, Aniela Hoitink and Marina Toeters
More info:
And check the developments around Solar Fiber:
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Wearble Senses article CURSOR, TU/e newspaper

We wish you a warm, diverse and energetic 2012!

Presentation Green Fashion Competition

Mode op de maan: publication in Bright 42

A full page publication in Bright 42 about the moonlife project. Also thanks to great photography by Maarten van der Meer and model: Melinda!

Valérie over modetechnologie – voor CityZine Gent 2011

Bright article

Thanks Christophe of for this nice article
Find images and read more critics on:

Here already one critical remark from Bomboora: “De mode industrie die op aarde gigantisch vervuilend is en mensen aanzet om ieder seizoen kleren te vervangen gaat nu hetzelfde doen op de maan? Gaan ze dan beweren dat we niet meer gekleed zijn volgens de laatste maanfase mode ? Geef die eikels toch geen publiciteit.”
Thanks Bomboora! You are very right about the polution from the fashion industry. Lets work on this problem.
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PR by Awearness Fair Fashion present @ Picnic Marketplace

Quote in Items #2 2011

Thanks to Chris Reinewald a quotation in the Dutch article: Tech-textile and fashion.
Items #2 2011, page 43, about collaboration between technological institutes and designers.
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Publication Alter Nature Modemuseum Hasselt

Alter nature: The future that never was
Publication 2011 of Modemuseum Hasselt (be)
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a positive and colorful 2011!

Gogbot Enschede present @Kunstgras 2010