Smart Shirt with printed electronics monitors key vital signs had the pleasure to collaborate with Holst Centre to develop this shirt for medical and fitness applications.

“As a designer, the technology platform from the Holst Centre ecosystem is great to work with. You are completely free to design any kind of garment and application you want to, and know that the designed electronics will be easily integrated as part of the normal manufacturing process,” said the shirt’s designer Marina Toeters from

Researchers from Holst Centre – an open innovationinitiative by imec and TNO – have developed a prototype smart shirt that integrates imec’s validated medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring with breathing rate and breathing depth. The use of state-of-the-art printed electronics technology offers complete freedom in design and optimization of printed sensors and electronics, being as thin as 60 µm and up to 100% stretchable. The properties of the electronics thereby become similar to those of textile, allowing unobtrusive integration. The design can be adapted for a variety of applications. For example patient monitoring in hospitals, home care, elderly care but also for sports.
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The shirt gets a lot of media attention: shirt-meet-hartslag-en-ademhaling

Actually this is the third iteration of an extensive collaboration between Holst Centre and Find the first iteration here and the second one here.