Innovative Garment Design

In collaboration with the client starts a design process for innovative textile products.
Wearable electronics and textile products are experienced as very intimate, because they are worn onto the human body. Look and feel of the product is very important. What do you want to communicate with the product? By product design and prototypes advises how to design and position their new products. also initiates own commissioned design process to envision and visualize the latest innovations for our society.

Apollonial for Bridges 2022 with LAURENTIUS LAB

A circle is one of the most symmetric shapes we know. More than 200 years ago, Apollonius of Perga explored configurations of “kissing circles”. In between three kissing circles there is a fourth, which fits perfectly. And ten another, and yet another, the process simply does not stop.

Here the link to the Bridges website to learn more. Or a direct link to the paper download:
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The Fashion Filter

The Fashion Filter is an online pop-up store initiated by the Fashion Tech Farm, LABELEDBY., Supported by TU/e and Vlisco. The Fashion Filter is a continuous development in shape, pattern, materials, functionalities, collaborations, production methodologies and style. We make use of the strengths of digital manufacturing techniques such as lasercutting, sublimation and 3D-Printing.

We are proud that The Fashion Filter facemasks​ are developed at the Fashion Tech Farm and produced locally in Eindhoven, The Netherlands!
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Bridges 2020 paper: Design of a Sampler of Isohedral Tilings of the Pied-de-poule Tile

Abstract: We describe the design of a sampler of all isohedral tilings of the classic pied-de-poule tile. The sampler is a Hawaiian shirt, also known as Aloha shirt. This allows us to explore the wider applicability of the pied-de-poule motif, yet respecting the design principles of classic Hawaiian shirts. We formulate the precise inclusion and exclusion criteria of the set of tilings to be enumerated. By checking the various combinations of symmetries, we find that there are eight distinct tilings, to be included in the sampler. We also show representations of the three orbifolds of the corresponding symmetry groups, which are added to the shirt in the form of phantasy sea creatures, based on a torus, a Klein bottle and a twisted pillow.

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Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion

closed loop smart athleisure fashion is a new initiative based on previous work of Marina Toeters ( and Margreet de Kok (Holst Centre). The smart shirts continuously measures the ladies’ key vital signals based on Holst Centre’s advanced printed sensor technologies on flexible substrates for textile integration. The laminated sensors are truly wearable, comfortable, robust, invisible during use, washable up to 25 cycles, and designed for unobtrusive integration in conventional fashion production.
This new collection targets fashionable sporty ladies at office work and right after work, they embrace forward thinking. The closed loop lease and recycle system make it extra special.
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Smart Shirt with printed electronics monitors key vital signs had the pleasure to collaborate with Holst Centre to develop this shirt for medical and fitness applications.
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A Cellular Automaton for Pied-de-poule (Houndstooth)

We report on the generation of a specific type of pied-de-poule pattern (houndstooth) using a dedicated cellular automaton.
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Depending… for Elephantasia

depending-bywirenet designed an interactive collection consisting of 9 clothing pieces of which 3 can interact and react upon each other. Trying to bridge the gab between the fashion design and technology to innovate the fashion industry. Garments can support the wearer, E-fashion cares for us!
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Gold Dynamic Skirt

A design with an integrated 3D printed, encased servo motor and arduino circuit. The system is located in a concealed pocket, constructed to fit in the centre back of the garment. The 3D printed components are engineered to create an efficient system of tension and movement. The motor releases and tightens chords that are attached to specific points within the skirt, the alternating of direction manipulates the shape of the skirt with visually organic motion.
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Qi Wang’s Zishi #3

Product development often takes years. This Posture Sensing Garment is the third iteration. See the first Zishi garment and concept here. This one is ready for clinical tests. Zishi is now produced in 4 sizes so that a whide variaty of people can join during the testing phase.
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Pied de Pulse with Professor Loe Feijs

The Pied de Pulse project has two aims. The first is to study and implement a fractal-like structure of circles inspired by Apollonian circles, combined with a pied de poule (houndstooth). The second aim is to push the integration of electric actuators in garments, using the power of algorithmic design and digital manufacturing. Flat coils of copper with magnets work as vibration actuators in the garment (like the well-known rotary vibration motors, but better integrated in the garment and matching fashion production methods).
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Cliff • an automatized zipper



Developed by Mohamad Zairi Baharom, Eindhoven University of Technology.
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Bright Jacket for Holst Centre

We had the pleasure to create a jacket with tiny leds for Holst Centre. The jacket features imec and Holst Centre’s flexible smart fabric interconnect technology, and miniaturized electronics. Pictures by Verse Beeldwaren.
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Zishi posture sensing garment

zishi-3_1000Posture monitoring and correction technologies can support prevention and treatment of spinal pain or can help detect and avoid compensatory movements during the neurological rehabilitation of upper extremities, which can be very important to ensure their effectiveness. Zishi posture sensing garment is designed and developed by Qi Wang, PhD student of TU/e.
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NazcAlpaca • high-end body monitoring & wearables for environmental awareness

With the help of Bear Creek Mining S.A.C. in Peru we developed the first proof of concept to combine alpaca yarn with innovative wearable technology: NazcAlpaca. An innovative training system to avoid work related stress issues. The NazcAlpaca shirt monitors your body, with this app you can adjust settings, start training and check your history. Two scarfs can measure the air quality and temperature around the wearer. Here you will find a visual documentation of the process and its prototypes so far.
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Imec and Holst Centre Showcase Advanced Smart Garment at ITF Brussels 2015

Press release: June 24, 2015 – Today, imec and Holst Centre are demonstrating the most advanced smart garment to date at the Imec Technology Forum (ITF) in Brussels. The smart t-shirt measures a highly accurate electrocardiogram (ECG), recognizes activity and calculates energy expenditure in an unobtrusive way. The t-shirt features imec and Holst Centre’s flexible smart fabric interconnect technology, and miniaturized electronics. The smart t-shirt allows for maximum user comfort and natural movement.

A project from Holst Centre. Photo’s by Marc Koetse. Shirt design and prototyping of the shirt is done by us:
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A Novel Line Fractal Pied de Poule (Houndstooth)

In earlier work Loe Feijs and Marina Toeters proposed a fractal pied de poule inspired by Cantor’s dust, building on a mathematical analyis of the classical pied de poule pattern (fPDP). Now we propose another fractal pied de poule implemented as a single line.
We calculate the fractal dimension and develop a fashion item based on the new pattern, to be shown at Bridges, Baltimore USA. Download here the paper >>
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Solar Fiber knitted shirt with JSSSJS

Together with Jesse Asjes we developed this Solar Fiber knitted shirt. Optical fibers are integrated during the knitting process. Tiny photodiodes are connected to the end of the fibers to transform the transported light into electrical current.
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Led prototype constructed with conductive glue for MaanR&D

Via the research center of Saxion Smart Functional Materials I was asked to design and make a garment to show the outstanding qualities of conductive glue developed by MaanR&D. The sweater is made out of scrubbed Lycra, the conductive fabric is laser cut in the Maan logo and than laminated on the Lycra fabric. After the sweater was finished MaanR&D connected tiny LED’s with conductive glue.
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CRISP Smart Textile Services prototype: Print Dress

Prototypes made within the Crisp project about Smart Textile Services together with Saxion.
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CRISP Smart Textile Services prototype: Spine Dress

Prototypes made within the Crisp project about Smart Textile Services together with Lantor and Saxion.
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Design of a nature-like fractal celebrating warp knitting

Marina had the pleasure to design the print and dress out of a Warp Knitting Fractal principle developed by Professor Loe Feijs (TU/e). He presented the results at the Mathematical Art Galleries in Seoel, South Korea.
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fPDP: a novel textile pattern, accepted for Bridge conference

Two art works of Professor Feijs (TU/eindhoven) and Marina Toeters (tech fashion designer) are accepted for the Bridge conference. The works are each a combination of fashion, new technology, and mathematics. 1) Drapely-o-lightment is a skirt designed around the themes of drapability and light. 2) fPDP is a novel textile pattern: fractal Pied de Poule. Here fPDP applied in the design of a men’s jacket.

Solar Fiber Jacket [with solar cells]

To test the current state of the art in tiny solar cells we decided to make a jacket with rigid cells. Here you find the result out of this.
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Drapely-o-lightment with TU/e and Philips Research

Drapability and light are the two design themes of this skirt. The light sources used are 6 OLEDS (Organic light-emitting diodes), integrated in a fabric consisting out of over 2500 patches.
Drapely-o-lightenment was shown at Architextiles in Tilburg, Place-it in Berlin, and Gouden Geesten in Utrecht and Pretty Smart Textiles Ronse, Belgium.
Thanks to: Prof. Dr. Ir. Loe Feijs, TU/eindhoven and Koen van Os, Philips Reserach.
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Design process of a waste conscious scarf with contrechoc

Reporting the design process of an e-textile in the context of awareness of the problems created by textiles containing electronics. Designers should be able to produce a design which takes recycling and pollution into account before it becomes a huge problem when e-textiles are mass produced. The sensor measures the air quality around the scarf.
A collaborative project between and
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The first complete e-wearable pervasive game platform

Woven Wearable Games is a Master graduation project at the Utrecht School of the Arts created by Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten.
This summer Melissa Bonvie and Marina Toeters helped them by designing and making 2 interactive sweaters.
Check the concept around this ‘Pervasive Game’ and more details:

Human&Kind: Moon Life collection

101011 shoot H&K_by-wire_net7In 50 years the Moon Life Academy and European Space Agency (ESA) expect that bigger groups could live together on the moon. To make the moon and society ready for this big step there needs to happen a lot. Like how to link humanity and kindness to protection against an absurd and technical environment?
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Connected Garments

…your clothing is taking care of you feeling at home and being in touch with your friends while you walk around. Clothing will make appointments, dates, it will blog about you, of course it keeps track of daylight, of being at work or in a disco. Your clothing is talking to the clothing of others, exchanging information which is interesting for you.
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First price Unlimited Design Contest 2010: Solar Scarf!

Future vision on the production of solar energy with the items you wear. Film technologies for flexible solar cells in the avant-garde looking solar cell. Via these shapes more solar radiation can be captured.
The ECN back-contacted cell proved it is better performing and easier to assemble compared to conventional cells. But it is also better looking. The design of the front-side metallization pattern is much more uniform and visually appealing than the conventional solar cells.
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Vibrating shirt reacts on music

64 vibrators are integrated in this shirt. All these tiny vibrators can be individually controlled. A microchip with wireless connection is connected to a system that translates music in tactile information. High tones will be felt high on the body, with low tones the lowest vibrators come in action. That’s how you can feel Beethoven move onto your body or Tiësto beating all over you arms and back.
This project is commissioned by the Utrecht School of Art; music, interaction & game department, in and made in collaboration with Tim Walther. Pictures by Maarten van der Meer
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collaborative textile: fashion vs interieur meets JSSSJS
This project was developed in collaboration between Marina Toeters of and Jesse Asjes JSSSJS Product Design. Jesse Asjes is a textile designer posed by technology and innovation. Jesse chooses ‘Slow design’, where designs come from the intended use rather than appearance or image. Sustainability and quality are its central.
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Master thesis experiment: Dyna Seat Dress

page dynafoam.inddDynafoam 3D cutted PU foam [>>] here presented in the dress-seat. This garment can be used as dress, as well as seat. If you build on history, you will never get lost in the future. That’s why I have chosen a baroc shape constructed in innovative materials.
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Master thesis experiment: Ecological Suited

page ecotex.indd

Ecological yakwool and hemp
garments [>>] hemp fabric is 5 times as strong as cotton and better for our environment, durability on top.
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Master thesis experiment: Fire Fighter Suit

page firefighter.indd

Ten Cate firefighter body suit [>>] Future vision made out of moisture management fabric; chemical resistant but breathable. In the extrapolation we find the development to multi-risk fabrics.
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Master thesis experiment: Triangled Coat

page TNO.indd

Triangled coat with TNO, HKU and Printed Unlimited [>>] inspired on the 3D body measuring system of TNO. Digital printed on the new full width jet printer at the HKU and fixated by Print Unlimited in Horst, Limburg.
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Master thesis experiment: Tecatud

page rain coat.indd

Ten Cate & TUDelft reflecting raincoat [>>] fabric for safety in traffic with tiny glass bolls and applied electronic features for user comfort.
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Master thesis experiment: Huggy Care

page Huggy Care.indd

Kwintet KLM huggycare [>>] antibacterial dress as inspiration of future care wear that must become more careful-looking.
The kintting is made out synthetic yarn. Nanotechnology is used to produce the silver yarn.
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