collaborative textile: fashion vs interieur meets JSSSJS
This project was developed in collaboration between Marina Toeters of and Jesse Asjes JSSSJS Product Design. Jesse Asjes is a textile designer posed by technology and innovation. Jesse chooses ‘Slow design’, where designs come from the intended use rather than appearance or image. Sustainability and quality are its central.
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Textile and fashion innovation
Our starting point is innovation in the textile and fashion industry. The idea is born from the behavior of certain techniques. We opted for man-made fibers. These artificial textiles are highly in development, also from sustainability perspective. Textile technology is certainly developing, but the step to fashion is sometimes too bit and usually finds its way towards technical applications such as geotextiles instead of fashion and interior design. This collection serves as an example that there are technical possibilities to use in interior design and fashion textiles.
In ProtoSpace we got the freedom to use laser tests for engraving and cutting of various kinds of textiles. In both the short and the shirt we applied a combination of laser cut and welding.
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100% pure: We work from the material perspective and make use of its qualities and properties. These features can work for you and will largely determine the looks. By using only one material we ensured that the finished product is 100% pure. The products are appropriate for upcycling (cradle-to-cradle).
The fashion world is big and there are many developments, but mainly aesthetically. We want to innovate the inside of fashion with textile innovation. The essence is to draw attention to the process of textiles and clothing and new techniques that are possible before. We want to research and innovate in textiles, foster as more links between science and designers. With as goal to make the world a better and cleaner place.


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