WTec engineering

WTec engineering acts as a full service company, specialised in solving interconnectivity challenge. They have a solution for waterproof overmolding of electronics (PCB’s, sensors, vibration motors and cables) on a layer of fabric, with our customised low pressure molding technology and equipment. It opens doors to new applications, such as wearable-tech, intelligent carseats, intelligent hospital beds, feed back systems and data collection of e.g. wheel-chairs and many other applications.

Fashion Futures • Anke Jongejan

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anke jongejan2Future scenario’s for fashion – both as an industry and as a cultural phenomenon.

Fashion Futures does not want to shape the future of fashion by creating variations on what we already know, or just more of the same, but has fundamentally different solutions from the predominant system in fashion. Fashion Futures has been initiated by Anke Jongejan graduate of the MA Fashion Design in Utrecht (MaHKU): a fashion designer, but one with an expertise in research and a focus on processes. Anke loves design fiction.

Iztok Klančar • video maker

A visual story teller, working with video and photography installations and text. Iztok made the NazcAlpaca movie.

Martijn ten Bhömer

Great ‘Smart Textile Services designer’, PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology and very skilled in concept, hardware and software development for complex textile products. Collaborator in the NazcAlpaca project.

De Reuver, breifabriek

Outstanding knitting company in Boven Leeuwen NL! They knitted the NazcAlpaca fashion items for us.

Yildiz Celie

yildiz_celieYildiz helps with all the social media activities. She is a specialist in web redaction and writing and a lovely friend of us.


Schermafbeelding 2015-05-06 om 14.14.26 loves to collaborate with Tim Walther / Prototim. Tim is brilliant in prototyping electronics and wireless systems.


logo_itfitsWonderful empatic company for people is serious care positions.

Coldenhoven Papier

logo_coldenhoveTogether with Dirk van Vreeswijk of Coldenhove Papier we think about the future of transfer print on textiles.

MVO Nederland

logo_MVO-PartnerMVO Nederland inspires, connects and strengthens companies and sectors to take far-reaching steps in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). ‘Changing together’ is their motto. is partner of MVO NL.

Eindhoven University of Technology

logo_tu_eMarina was theme leader of Wearable Senses and coaches students in the faculty of Industrial Design. With her connections in TU/e she initiates and executes research projects, like the projects with Professor Loe Feijs.

Philips Research & Medical

Saxion • University of Applied Sciences Enschede

logo Saxion

Marina is connected to the research group Smart Functional Materials of Saxion. She tries to bridge research and education in the field of applied smart materials and product design.

VPTex / Van Puijenbroek Work Wear


TextielMuseum / TextielLab

logo_textielmuseumWonderful museum and textile production lab with state of the art machines.

Dutch Spirit

logo_DutchSpiritLovely sustainable formal suits for woman and man. Also via lease structures.

Texperience Center

logo_texperience_centerExperience center for work wear.


logo_NewascoTextile service, cleaning of hospital textiles.

Waag Society • Institute for art, science and technology

logo_waag_societyWaag Research comprises Research Labs, where the creative research, activities and projects of Waag Society is carried out. This creative reserach is related to relevant social developments. They use the “Users as Designers” method for their research. An Artists & Researchers in Residence program connects leading international artists and researchers to Waag Society.

Alcon Advies

Alcon Advies
advises companies how to make textile products and processes more sustainable. Corporate social responsibility is leading in this. We collaborated during the MVO project.


Confectioner of textile products. Bardotex helps often to translate the unique prototypes into a larger production.

HKU • Fashion Design

Marina Toeters educates fashion and design students in textile ecology & technology. Focus is introducing the innovative materials and processes in the current industry to our future designers.


Contrechoc motivates into philosophic thoughts:
“Ever wondered what happens when we open up a personality? We think we will enter a world of the most wonderful innermost feelings and thoughts (“zieleroerselen” in Dutch). But no! We will only see numbers! Numbers, numbers, numbers!”
Besides that also partner is electronics and artistic concept creation.

Ecological Textiles

Supplier of the best ecological textiles. “Our nature is our inspiration, our heritage and our future. We keep it clean and safe, for ourselves, for our children”


The European Space Agency is Europe’s gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. developed the Moonlife project Human&Kind for esa >>

Fenny Faber

Former classmate, currently colleague: promising and very active fashion designer.

Holst Centre

With Holst Centre, (set up by imec and TNO) made demonstrators with their neewly developed OLED technology. Like this Smart Shirt >>, Baby Wrap >> and Drapely-O-Lightment >>
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Hero Textil

High-tech-textiles for the work wear industry. Huggy Care is made out of antibacterial yarn from Hero Textil.


JSSSJS product design

Jesse Asjes Photo 800x800Textile design for interior. Craft, durability and innovative materials are the main characteristics of JSSSJS designs.


Webshop in affordable tailored clothing. Producer of garment patterns and prototypes for

HKU • Kunst Media & Technologie

Part of Marina’s master study was a project on this faculty. In 2010 made a vibrating shirt as research topic for the music technology department >>

Marloes Blaas

Material Sense


New Media, Art, Society: in exhibitions, presentations, workshops, etc. Marina Toeters gave a lecture @Mediamatic.


Modint • trade association

Optima Textiles

logo_optima_textilesOptima-Textiles is a tricot company, specialized in delivering custom tricot, fulfilling each individual needs. With circular knitting machines, they produce a wide variety of fine tricot fabric.

Print Unlimited

Produces printed fabrics. High quality unique prints in the quantity that you need and on the fabric of your choice.


Refinity • research & advice for eco-effective ways of designing fashion

Sanne Kortooms

Accomplished filmmaker and friend of


Ten Cate • textile weaving

Ten Design • creative communication


The Triangled Coat is produced in collaboration with Hein Daanen, professor at the TNO defence department.

TU Delft

V2 • Institute for the Unstable Media

Marina Toeters is member of the E-Textile Workspace @ V2lab. Once a month we meet to discuss new developments in wearable technology. E-Textile Workspace >>

WdKA • Media, art & design eduction

Marina Toeters used to educate fashion and design students in textile ecology & technology. Focus is introducing and applying the innovative materials and processes in the current industry to our future designers.


Maarten van der Meer

Photographer. Maarten had put the Moon Life collection in a perfect atmosphere >>

Marloeke van der Vlugt

Audiovisual and performance artist. “The body – of both audience and performer – takes a central position in my (theatre) work. Literally and figuratively.” made wireless sensor costumes for Marloeke. >>

Fablab de Waag

Anyone can realize their ideas with Fablab Amsterdams the high tech equipment. Marina Toeters won the Ultimate Design Contest 2010, organized by Fablab Amsterdam. >>

Brian Smeulders