Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion

closed loop smart athleisure fashion is a new initiative based on previous work of Marina Toeters ( and Margreet de Kok (Holst Centre). The smart shirts continuously measures the ladies’ key vital signals based on Holst Centre’s advanced printed sensor technologies on flexible substrates for textile integration. The laminated sensors are truly wearable, comfortable, robust, invisible during use, washable up to 25 cycles, and designed for unobtrusive integration in conventional fashion production.
This new collection targets fashionable sporty ladies at office work and right after work, they embrace forward thinking. The closed loop lease and recycle system make it extra special.

Intelligent Fashion, containing technology that can measure your health, and are still sustainable. My shirt keeps track of my heartbeat and respiration. So I can be more effective.

I know there is a lot of technology in there, but I don’t feel it. The sensors are seamlessly laminated onto the fabric. It’s very comfortable.

It’s beneficial to wear them on a daily basis, because my clothes check my well-being and stress level.

The lease and recycle system is a closed loop. I don’t have to worry about what to do when the garment has no use for me anymore. The technology will be de-laminated from the shirt, and recycled.

It sounds like a dream of the future but it’s right here and we are wearing it.

We are so honoured to announce that the Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion project is chosen as Top 3 Next Tex Innovations: “Together with Munich Fabric Start and FashNerd, we [Sourcebook] thought your work particularly stood out and fits perfectly with what we want to communicate at our Next Tex Innovations Showcase.” Thanks for these nice words Sourcebook! The project will be featured during the Munich Faric Start end of January 2018.

High Tex Awards
During the Munich Fabric Start Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion was selected for the High Tex Awards!


Marina Toeters,, fashion technology
Margreet de Kok, Holst Centre, sensor technology
Melissa Bonvie, Katoen en zo, fashion design

During the development off…. The total development process is documented here >> 
Catherine Delevoye, Technoport, business mentor
Jordi Closa, Adidas, Maker Lab access
Burkhard Duemler, Adidas, business advise
Matthijs Vertooren, Donktech, 3d printing expert
Ria Delver, Lingerie production
Linda van de Peppel, Holst Centre, sensor technology
Frank Everaerts, Holst Centre, sensor technology
Zuzana Chromek, Adidas, Maker Lab
Andrea Brena, Adidas, Maker Lab
Luc van Hoeckel, Adidas, sustainable
Giorgio Cavallini, Carvico, fabrics
Marita Bartelet ,Ecological Textiles
Stefan Gsimsl, Adidas, delamination
Matthias Walter, Adidas, delamination
Marieke Mertens, TU/e, delamination research
Robert van Hamersveld, business model
Peter Visser, business support
Koen van Os, Philips Lighting, delamination IP research
Annika Hupfeld, TU/e, user testing support
Oscar Tomico, TU/e, user testing support
User testers, Sportunity Asbl. Luxembourg
Anke Jongejan, Utrecht School of Art, user test
Marinda Verhoeven, Utrecht School of Art, user test
Nicole Gruithuijzen, TU/e, wearable senses lab
Stephan Wensveen, TU/e, industrial design
Heritiana Ranaivoson, WEAR Sustain
Johnny Waterschoot, WEAR Sustain
Ingrid Willems, Data Scouts / WEAR Sustain
Natan de Bie, Data Scouts / WEAR Sustain
Sjoukje Wiegersma, Holst Centre, legal
Beam, Paper checks
Kristi Kuusk, Spellbound, support
Lucy Bunnell, WEAR Sustain
Pauline van Dongen, Holst Centre, pr
Melanie Hamans, photo model iteration 1
Maurice Remmerswaal, photographer iteration 1
Martin Bonvie, shoot & voice support

Movie making
Sanne Kortooms, Director, concept, copy
Jeroen Simons, Director of photography
Feike Santbergen, Editor
Daisy van Loenhout, Production assistant
Shavonne Schonewille, Hair & make-up artist
Eva Visser, Model
Catherina Simon, Model
Carolina Osei, Model
Ning Zhang, Model
Thijs van de Wijdeven, Gym coach & model
Bas Kaspers, Gym manager Campus Wellness Centre
Color Kitchen, location
Donna & Danielle, Holst Centre, Reception
Iztok Klančar, Film advices
Astrid van der Velde, HKU, Editor advices
Maria Bird, Voiceover guide
Marianne Kelderman, Voiceover guide
Katherine Preece, Voiceover

PR venues
DDW expo, Viola van Alpen
DDW expo, Koen Snoecks, Baltan Labs
Sourcebook team, Next Tex Innovators, Munich Fabric Start
High Tex Award, Claudia Mynott, Munich Fabric Start

Featured in press
March 13, 2019, De Limburger
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Oct. 2018 Dutch Design Week: Fashion? Future Design for the Present exhibition
Sept. 2018 SuperNova Antwerp,
August 2018, Ars Electronica,
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Feb 19, 2018, E52 “Smart Fashion by Marina Toeters – and Holst Centre” or in Dutch “De slimme mode van Marina Toeters en Holst Centre”
Feb 13, 2018, Sourcebook: “’s Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashions for women monitor vital signs with the help of seamlessly printed and laminated sensors. By simply moving these sensors typically found in the front of shirts to the back, ingenious designer Marina Toeters instantly made technical performance wear more female-friendly. What’s more the active wear is designed so that both the garment and the technology can be recycled.”
Feb 8, 2018, Metro Nieuws:
Feb 7, 2018, Volkskrant: “Dit vest geeft een por als je krom zit.”
Feb 5, 2018, FashNerd: “Intelligent Fashion That Can Measure Your Health And Still Be Sustainable. Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion is an initiative based on previous work of Marina Toeters of and Margreet de Kok of the Holst Centre.  A cross-fertilization of ideas, the project has gained attention including being chosen as one of the Top 3 Next Tex Innovations at this year’s Munich Fabric Start. On their decision, organiser of Next Tex Marte Hentschel, who is also the founder of Sourcebook, said,  “Together with Munich Fabric Start and FashNerd, we [Sourcebook] thought their work particularly stood out and that it fits perfectly with what we want to communicate at our Next Tex Innovations Showcase.”
Oct. 2017, Dutch Design Week, Manifestations expo @Veemgebouw about 20.000 visitors and Do (not) Feed The Makers about 3000 visitors.
Oct. 2017, Manifestations:
Sept. 20, 2017, Internet of Things Council
Nov. 16, 2017, Baltan Laboratories “Five wearable design projects from Eindhoven”
July 12, 2017, E52 “WEAR Sustain Awards 23 projects for Wearable Design”

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