Design of a nature-like fractal celebrating warp knitting

Marina had the pleasure to design the print and dress out of a Warp Knitting Fractal principle developed by Professor Loe Feijs (TU/e). He presented the results at the Mathematical Art Galleries in Seoel, South Korea.

In earlier work Loe and Marina created a new fractal textile pattern which was derived from the well-known houndstooth pattern which originates from weaving with twill binding. See fPDP >> Now we are turning our attention to another basic fabric construction method: warp-knitting. We develop a recursive algorithm and explore the properties of the result and a fashion item based on the new pattern, presented at Bridges 2014 in Seoel, South Korea. Find here more info about the exhibition. Or download the paper ‘Design of a nature-like fractal celebrating warp knitting’.

Thanks to Paulien Klein Paste (HKU) for the digital print and Katinka Feijs for the photo’s!