A Cellular Automaton for Pied-de-poule (Houndstooth)

We report on the generation of a specific type of pied-de-poule pattern (houndstooth) using a dedicated cellular automaton.

The generator is a one-dimensional automaton such that the development features a so-called puppytooth pattern. In order to make this possible we had to introduce a system of five colors. The desired pattern appears as a contrast of darker and lighter colors, resembling the traditional black and white pattern. It is possible to extend the automaton, which offers a rich playground for various types of semi-random, yet pied-de-poule like behaviors. The pattern was used to weave fabric; we show the fabric and several realized garments.
CA_PDP_Jos_Sjoerd_small CApdp_5_colors CApdp_Fabric_IMG_20170415_112917_small 170426 pdp figuren
The work will be shown during Bridges in Waterloo, Canada.

Movie: https://youtu.be/e2Zir3UcUwc

Great publication by Chris Carlson: http://blog.wolfram.com/2018/01/26/the-wolfram-language-bridges-mathematics-and-the-arts/