DDW 2015: Fashion Technology route!!! NazcAlpaca, One Wash, Zishi Posture Sensing, and more….

Visit by-wire.net during Dutch Design Week: 17-25 October 2015, Eindhoven, The Netherlands! There will be several collaborative by-wire.projects on show. Like Zishi, NazcAlpaca, One Wash, Ting Gong‘s graduation work, 4th dimension – Dynamic Knit with Jesse Asjes and Fractal Art Fashion with Loe Feijs. Here an overview and route suggestion. Download this route as PDF-file >>

Smart Rehabilitation Garment for Posture Monitoring, design by Qi Wang, Industrial Design, TU Eindhoven, inzending voor Dutch Design Week / Mind the Step 2015.  foto: Bart van Overbeeke

photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Klokgebouw: Zishi posture sensing garment for rehabilitation of Qi Wang @Mind the Step, organized by Design United and TU/e. Qi is a PhD student at TU/e. by-wire.net helped her designing and making the prototype that is currently on show. Have a close look at the detailed and neat integration of conductive circuit + magnets and the magnet zipper!

@Klokgebouw you will also find the projects of Pauline van Dongen and Kristi Kuusk. by-wire.net works with Pauline on the development and testing phase of the exiting Phototrope project. With Krisit we are involved in the Crisp project.

by-wire.net Iztokk-NazcAlpaca-label-front fashion technology

photo: Iztok Klančar

Leidingstraat: NazcAlpaca & One Wash @Plug in City, Strijp S, organized by MVOnl. NazcAlpaca is a project of Marina Toeters and Martijn ten Bhomer Smart Textiles. With the help of Bear Creek Mining S.A.C. in Peru we developed the first proof of concept to combine alpaca yarn with innovative wearable technology. During DDW15 you are able to feel the high quality of Alpaca materials and test the breathing training on the ipad!
More info: NazcAlpaca.

one wash circular fashion

photo: Gerard

Also on show in the same space:  One Wash of Fashion Futures / Anke Jongejan. The One Wash project creates a scenario of how highly fashionable garments, which are used for only a short period of time, can have reduced environmental impact by using a short-life-material. by-wire.net tried to bridge the prototyping and production phases by introducing textile companies with these ideas. Check out the material explorations, dive with us in the process and share your thoughts on how to ensure that this kind of research and design processes have an actual impact on the fashion system? Thursday October 22, 15 o’clock presents Anke Jongejan One Wash, during the Drive festival, @NatLab, organized by ClickNL


photo ©2015 Team Peter Stigter

Philips Stadion: Ting Gong will present her work, with a lot of other fashion talents, @De Modebelofte. Ting made her delicate graduation collection with the latest manufacturing techniques. by-wire.net educated Ting in how to use the Ultra Sonic Welding machine at Utrecht School of Arts / Fashion Design. Zoom into the garments, see the seams and discover the future of garment making! For more info check out: modebelofte.com


Kleine Berg 45: The Post-Couture Collective offers an alternative to today’s fashion system. “In our vision clothing is designed on the principles of open-source, and is made using 21st century technology.” The first Post-Couture collection consists of six archetypical pieces of clothing designed by mphvs. Check out their program with exiting speakers: Future Fashion Panels @ DDW15. by-wire.net  isn’t collaborating in this project, but embraces this initiative towards truly innovative fashion!


photo: Jesse Asjes

Vestdijk 27: 4th dimension – Dynamic Knit (in development). Installation by Jesse Asjes, Providence USA, Marina Toeters and Rowan Verbraak, by-wire.net, Utrecht NL. Creating shape and volume by draping from knitted cloth informed by-wire.net and jsssjs to create a 4th dimension – dynamic knit. This wearable prototype has a volume that shape shifts and is tailored by local manufacturing. We question how you can design global and manufacture locally. From flat fabric to dimensional to inter- exchangeable shape shifting garments and interior pieces. Because the inventive clothe design in combination with the interactive system the fabric shapes very organic. @VDMA during MatchDDW, organized by Madlab. More information: facebook.com/matchddw Jesse Asjes presents this, and other work on Tuesday October 20, 16 o’clock: @Mind the Step, Klokgebouw, Strijp S, organized by TU/e.


photo: Loe Feijs

Vestdijk 27: Fractal Art Fashion. By-wire.net in cooperation with TU/e Industrial Design, Loe Feijs (TU/e) and Marina Toeters (by-wire.net). Designing new patterns and garments using recursive algorithms. The tools used for the algorithmic design are twofold: first mathematics, in particular tessellation theory (like Escher) and iterated function systems (to make fractals). Secondly computer programming, in particular Processing (a kind of Java language) and Oogway (a kind of turtle graphics language). The garments are realized using laser cutting, laser engraving (at TU/e) and a collection of other techniques such as stitching and welding in the studio of By-wire.net. Three fashion items were shown in Seoul and Baltimore and are now shown in Eindhoven for the first time. On the floor are the 24 pages of four mathematics papers published by the Bridges conference 2012-2015 and written by Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters and Jun Hu. Download them via the QR code!

Download this route as PDF-file >>

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