Smart Textile Services – involving the Dutch textile industry

Since end 2011 Marina was involved in the Creative Industry Scientific Programme via the research center Smart Functional Materials of Saxion. This research was all about Smart Textile Services.

Designing and Selling ‘Soft Product’ – ‘Valuable Service’ systems (Smart Textile Services) is about the development of successful methods, platforms, guiding principles and the business models required to understand the multi-disciplinary opportunities and challenges of creating Smart Textile Product Service Systems.

In 4 years we teamed up with the Dutch textile industry to create lots of knowledge, publications, exhibitions and 11 wonderful projects. Learn here more about it.


Next to bringing parties together at the right moment and development executing educational activities in was also involved in 2 design projects. At the side bar you can find some of my contributions to the CRISP programme.150128 STS_booklet TM-13 150128 STS_booklet TM-12 150128 STS_booklet TM-11 150128 STS_booklet TM-10 150128 STS_booklet TM-9 150128 STS_booklet TM-8 150128 STS_booklet TM-7 150128 STS_booklet TM-6 150128 STS_booklet TM-5 150128 STS_booklet TM-4 150128 STS_booklet TM-3 150128 STS_booklet TM-2 150128 STS_booklet TM-1