Tech & Fashion workshop @IOTRotterdam

During IOT Rotterdam (April 10, 2017) Marina Toeters gave a workshop Tech & Fashion. 10 participants followed the hands on workshop about how to integrate technology in fashion. We started by making a soft circuit with a LED and a push button. Than we ideated to develop fashion tech concepts that we would like to see in the world. We prototyped these concepts in pieces on textiles and placed them on the body.

IOT20170410110_Small IOT20170410106_Small IOT Insta

Showing the directing motorcyclists go to, bags than charge your phone, branding shirts that change colour, draped fabrics that transport the light to show volume in garments, are some of the great ideas developed in just one hour of time. All participants gave a short pitch. After that Marina presented her work in fashion technology and contextualized the created concepts with this.

Spread the word for innovative and better garments and textile products!