Drapely in Leonardo!!! [and Triangled Coat on the cover]

Finally the publication is out!!! Loe Feijs and Marina Toeters have an publication in today’s leading journal on contemporary for the art, science and technology: LEONARDO!!! Besides that our article is accepted: Triangled Coat, a work out of 2007, is shining on the cover!

About the Cover
Marina Toeters, Triangled Coat, digital print on canvas, 2007. (© Marina Toeters. Photo: Bob van Rooijen. Model: Sarah Nuiver.) Working from a 3D scan of a human body, artist/designer Toeters worked with Dutch technology research center TNO and digital printing company Print Unlimited to develop the shape of the garment and the digital print design. Triangled Coat was a precursor to the work Drapely-o-Lightment; see the article in this issue by Loe Feijs and Marina Toeters

150619 cover picture