thanks you and wishes you all the best for 2016!!!

The end of the year​: a good moment to reflect on all activities and celebrate the successes with you. I appreciate if you share your successes with me as well! Here some Fashion Technology highlights of 2015!

Connecting and collaborating for fashion technology
2015 started off with several presentations of Zorgzame Bedrijfskleding: Sustainable and supportive garments for nurses. Developed with a coalition of hospitals, workwear companies and textile experts. I had the honour to inspire the group with the latest innovations, wearable technology and sustainable textile processes. Daisy van Loenhout and I developed suiting concepts that brought together the wishes and possibilities from all partners. Further more I organized the prototyping process. Now the partners are working towards commercialisation. Thanks MVO nl for making this possible!!!

Imec and Holst Centre offered me the change to design and make “the most advanced smart garment to date” as the press release reads: The smart t-shirt measures a highly accurate electrocardiogram (ECG), but allows for maximum user comfort and natural movement. In the same line of technology we worked (and continue working) on the Bright Jacket. Great to have the change to collaborate with such an outstanding technology partner as Holst! Hope to continue in even more market oriented projects in 2016: stay tuned ;-)

Totally experimental and born just out of the fun to collaborate with the dearest people: 4th dimension – Dynamic Knit with Jesse Asjes This wearable prototype has a volume that shape shifts and is tailored by local manufacturing. T​hanks Rowan Verbraak for helping us out in this! achievement of 2015 [I think]
For Bear Creek Mining S.A.C. in Peru, Martijn ten Bhömer and I developed the first proof of concept to combine alpaca yarn with innovative wearable technology: NazcAlpaca. An innovative training system to avoid work related stress issues. The NazcAlpaca shirt monitors your body, with this app you can adjust settings, start training and check your history. Two scarfs can measure the air quality and temperature around the wearer. In August we presented the fashion items in Peru. This process wasn’t possible without a huge amount of collaborators: thank you all!

Deepening expertise in fashion technology
Working within Pauline van Dongen’s PhD project on Phototrope (product development and testing with the LichtLopers team of Fred van Mook) and the PhD projects of Qi Wang: Zishi (garment design and prototyping) and Mohamad Zairi Baharom (public in 2016) deepened my skills, knowledge and thoughts.

With Professor Loe Feijs I developed an mini collection based on a fractal pied de poule. Now implemented as a single laser line. The garments are shown at Bridges, Baltimore USA. Download here the paper >>

And finally the Drapely paper of Prof. Feijs and me was published in the prestigious journal Leonardo!!! Such a great honour: and to make it even better, my Triangled Coat (2007) is on the cover!
Lovely to be involved in all these different researches!

Spreading fashion technology
Student workshops in Utrecht, Enschede, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Milan (Italy), Umea (Sweden), made the year even more fun. Just like the press and exhibitions at Dutch Design Week (5 locations!!!) and RTL Boulevard.

RTL Marina Toeters by-wire-net

Last of all, I would like to thank you all for your trust, your active collaborations, and making this year a lovely one! Lets aim for the same quality in 2016!

Best regards,

Marina Toeters