Fractal Art Fashion with Professor Loe Feijs

Fractal Art Fashion Loe Feijs Marina Toeters by-wireFor the first time, during DDW15 we show the 4 iterations fashion pieces of Fractal Art Fashion together. in cooperation with TU/e Industrial Design, Loe Feijs (TU/e). Designing new patterns and garments using recursive algorithms. The tools used for the algorithmic design areĀ  mathematics, in particular tessellation theory (like Escher) and iterated function systems (to make fractals). The garments are realized using laser cutting, laser engraving (at TU/e) and a collection of other techniques such as stitching and welding in the studio of Three fashion items were shown in Seoul and Baltimore and are now shown in Eindhoven for the first time. On the floor are the 24 pages of four mathematics papers published by the Bridges conference 2012-2015 and written by Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters and Jun Hu. Download here all papers!