R=AIR with Laurentius Lab

The artists’ motivation is to stimulate innovation in fashion. Not only the innovative use of known principles like tessellations, where mathematics is essential, but also textile and process innovation, next to business innovation (new forms of cooperation). We use for example sublimation printing, foil applications and laser cutting for the construction of the garments. This year’s theme is a playful fantasy interpretation of the corona virus in a fashion collection consisting out of six items: a shirt, a corset, a dress, a jeans, a top and a hoodie. We name the collection R=AIR. Playfulness, math, making, aesthetics, dress and creativity help us to stay mentally healthy in difficult times.

Movie link: https://youtu.be/lSFVSc5wQrI

The R=AIR collection is based on the common pattern, a tessellation of the TG1G1TG2G2 type, like the art of M.C. Escher. It is a playful fantasy interpretation of today’s Corona virus. There is one formula, a simple model for the reproduction rate R of a (virus) infection. Rn0 (0R<1), so if R is lower than one, the number of cases goes down. Other symbolic messages embedded in the pattern embrace the advise of the Dutch and other governments to keep safe distance. The tessellation was made using the Oogway library created by Dr Jun Hu of TU/e (proceedings Bridges 2013). We thank Semra Aras, Jacq Burden, Nina Welters, Tyana Hendriksma, and Olaf Adan for their help and support.

Playful Corona Collection SS’21: A selection of woven and knitted knitted fabrics, sublimation printing, foil applications, sewing, locking.