2012 Analysis of parallel collaboration assignments in smart textile design

Marina Toeters and Ger Brinks from the Saxion Lectoraat Smart Functional Materials presented this paper during the ‘Onderzoek voor een vitale regio’ congress 2012.
Abstract To investigate the different kinds of expertise necessary for the development of Smart Textile Services we initiated an assignment to develop new Smart Textile Services concepts for elderly that can be used during rehabilitation (ten Bhömer, et all 2012) and executed this project in 2 different institutes: Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Eindhoven University of Technology.

The blue dots are the activities. Horizontal is the timeline from the -left- beginning till the end of the process. The 6 competences are placed on the vertical line:
1. User Focus & Perspective: Getting to know their user.
2. Ideas & Concepts: Creating ideas and transform them into concepts.
3. Social & Cultural Awareness: Reflect on context and existing products.
4. Form & Senses: Design explorations for the actual products.
5. Integrating Technology: Research, develop and implement (existing) technology.
6. Business: Find out how to create a valuable business with the project.
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