2013 Research through design: a way to drive innovative solutions in the field of smart textiles

Paper by Marina Toeters, Martijn ten Bh├Âmer, Eliza Bottenberg, Oscar Tomico, Ger Brinks. Saxion University of applied science Enschede (Saxion), Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e), The Netherlands

Abstract Research through design allows creating a dialogue with the material. It uses making and reflection on action as a generator of knowledge. Our aim is to explore the opportunities and challenges of smart textiles. The Fablab is our set up, a place that allows us to combine the hackingscientific-, and design community. It stimulates collaboration and the knowledge exchange needed for the development of smart textile systems. A collaborative prototyping workshop for medical
products combined two worlds. The textile world in Saxion aims at incorporating conductive materials into textile structures and functional- / 3D printing to create systems for applications such as flexible heating systems and wearable technology. We combined this with the world of Industrial Design at TU/e, focused on the design of intelligent products, systems and services by the research through design approach. The collaboration between these different disciplines accelerated the process by reducing the resistance to the new and skipped the frustration on failure. Download the complete paper here.