2014 Models for Successfully Applying Space Technology Beyond Its Original Intent

Paper by Dr. Irene Lia Schlacht, Prof. Bernard Foing, Prof. Annalisa Dominoni, Mr. Bruno Naulais, Marina Toeters MA., Mr. Frans Blok, Mr. Kent Nebergall, Dr. Jean-Marc Salotti, Dr. Alexandre Mangeot, Prof. Olga Bannova, Dr. Ayako Ono, Mr. Antonio Olmedo Soler, Mr. Hans van ’t Woud, Prof. Melchiorre Masali
65th International Astronautical Congress, Toronto, Canada. Copyright ©2014 by Irene Lia Schlacht. All rights reserved. Download the complete paper here.

Abstract. Many R&D organizations look for ways to demonstrate the value of their technology portfolio to educate as well as accommodate a broad community of onlookers and users.  Academia- and government-sponsored space programs need to depict how their science and technology activities are relevant to technology transfer, knowledge sharing, and technology commercialization.  Papers will explore a variety of approaches that organizations can adopt for the successful transfer of technologies that impact new products and services for space and non-space applications.  Relevant legislation, business structures, models, metrics, and alternative technology transfer models will be discussed.  Papers will provide examples of successful models with descriptions of the approach and tools used, results to date, issues addressed, and ongoing changes made.