2014 Transforming the Dance Experience with Expressive Social Wearables

Final Master research by Theodora Kyrgia @TU/e. Marina Toeters coached her during this process. Paper by Thodora Kyrgia and Marina Toeters. A Global Network for Dynamic Research and Publishing, presented by Theodora during the 5th Global Conference. Session 9: Performances of All Senses: Bodies in Creative Action and Interaction. Download the complete paper here.

Abstract (…) the dancer’s body becomes by default the expressive instrument of the action but also the receiver of attention during the performance.
Interaction design has long been involved with wearable pieces that include technology, translating physical body movement into other modalities, complementing and enriching the performance. These body artefacts can engage people’s imagination, creativity and critical thought, due to their expressive abilities, depending on the performers’ movement. (…) the connected bodies become an active interface, open to self expression, exploration and playfulness, enriching the performance experience both for participants and audience.